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All Of It, With You - Signed Copy

All Of It, With You - Signed Copy

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Emilia Bardot and her brother Ford have lived a privileged life—freedom to do whatever they wanted as they moved from city to city with parents who were never around. But Emilia wants the one thing money can’t buy—to be the mother she always wished she had.

Rhett Adler, Ford’s best friend since childhood, had always pestered and teased Emilia alongside her brother. But years later, everything changes when he decides to move into the Bardots’ Chicago high-rise apartment to start a new life.

The heat between Rhett and Emilia rises, and their childhood friendship burns into something more. Rhett tries not to let it go any further, but he can’t seem to stay away from the beautiful woman he has known for years.

Regardless of the possibility of Ford’s disapproval, Emilia develops strong feelings for Rhett, but he carries a deep secret—one that would force Emilia to choose between him and the life she’s always wanted.

**Author Note: This book contains some rough intimacy that may include hand necklaces, spitting, spanking, light face-slapping and explicit content: 18+


-This book contains these tropes-

*Brother's Best Friend

*Friends To Lovers

*Forced Proximity

*Forbidden Love

*Sneaking Around

*Dual P.O.V




This is a signed copy of the book, you are free to add any personalization you would like as well. 

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