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Madeline Flagel, Author

How Often We Collide - Signed Copy

How Often We Collide - Signed Copy

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Vivian Westwood has always felt behind in life. Being recently fired and with no family to speak of, she decides to shift her views after a sudden accident.

Dr. Matthew Halloway has spent his adult years fixing mistakes—broken arms, lacerations, but mostly his own life.

When the pair collide over and over again, fate seems set on their fiery love affair. Vivian dares to hope her life may be on an upswing, newly dating the doctor and landing her dream job at a bookstore. At her new job, she befriends the elderly owners who treat her like the grandparents she never had. Vivian feels complete for the first time in her life.

But when one of Matthew’s mistakes hits too close to home, Vivian must decide if she can look beyond his past or must live life without the man who stole her heart.


**Author note: This book contains explicit sexual content, 18+




-This book contains these tropes-

*Friends to lovers

*One Bed 

*Hot Doctor



This is a signed copy of the book, you are free to add any personalization you would like as well.  

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